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Hello my name is LaTonya Hubbard. 

I was rear ended at a stop light as I awaited to merging into traffic in 2016 by a young man not paying attention. As a result my wrist & thumb were broken, neck injury and 1 disk was herniated. I have suffered from Severe Fibromyalgia over 20 years. I actually suffer from 2 Herniated & Degenerated disks, Ptsd, Anxiety, Ocd, Carpel tunnel and insomnia but No Longer Suffer as tremendous as i did over 1 year ago, before I became a Illinois Medicinal Pilot Patient. 

I am extremely knowledgeable on the use of Cannabis. 

I manage my Pain and other severe ailments this way.

Sativa is designed as a Wake up & Energy. Indica is for Sleep & Relaxation. Hybrids do both and are a balance between the two. Both can assist with Pain, Inflammation and more therefore do your research first.

I make my own Edibles, Oils, Tinctures and Wax from Flower. 

This program is NOT Covered by any Health Insurance Companies. I paid out of pocket for the State Certification fees & Finger print & filing fees as well as purchasing my medicinal needs at local medicinal dispensaries, now over 1 year and counting.   

I am a Advocate for Legalization of Cannabis because Research and My Life, are proof that Cannabinoids Save lives.

I have been Pharmaceutical Free for over one year April, 2018.

Please join me on my LG, loves God Holistic Lifestyle Journey #4Life!!

Thank you for your support,



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